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A day in the life of a Cruise Director


Yes, this is me, the Cruise Director, and I welcome on-board 'my home', which will also become your home for the duration of your cruise.

My working life revolves around the world of entertainment, and whilst all my colleagues strive to make this cruise an unforgettable experience, my Entertainment Department is here to - exactly - entertain you!

A day in the life of a Cruise Director

As the Cruise Director on-board, I am the Master of Ceremony for every show and every activity in the Leisure Department.

The bands, musicians, singers and dancers, dance instructors, hosts and hostesses, card games instructors, lecturers, youth counselors and the cruise staff are all part of my Entertainment Department.

My biggest night on-board is, of course, The Captain's Gala Dinner. Although several cruise lines have opted to no longer offer this glamorous event, it remains the highlight of all our cruises.

Prior to the Captain's Welcome Dinner, we have received the information detailing which guests have been chosen to dine with the Captain and have sent out their invitations.

The Gala Night is always special. The guests have the opportunity to meet the Captain and have photographs take. The Captain will then introduce the key Officers on stage, and there is free champagne and hors d'oeuvres.

My job on this day is to make sure that everything is organised and arranged prior to the grand opening of the lounge – most importantly that the Captain is there!

I will be standing by the entrance, ready, to greet the guests and introduce them to the Captain, who is stood next to me.

Then I will have one of my big moments. Going on stage to welcome the guests onboard this beautiful ship, which will be their home away from home for some time, and to introduce the Master of the ship.

This is always a rather emotional moment, since this feels like welcoming new family members into our on-board home.

After the Master of the ship has done his speech and introduction, all that is left for me to do at this event is to wish everyone an enjoyable dinner, and to point out all the activities planned for that evening.

There is much more to my position than a short introduction and welcome, but this is only one day of my life as a Cruise Director.

I can assure you, more is to follow...

Jon Berry, Ireland