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Cruise Ship Jobs - Australia

Welcome to Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs, a popular and trusted web site, aimed at giving the information needed to help you secure employment on board a cruise ship. The advice we give is comprehensive and professional, and will help you, Australian job seekers, realise your dream of working on a cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Jobs - Australia

Are you suited for Cruise Ship Work?

Designed and built to run like a floating 5* hotel, every Department on board a Cruise Ship therefore requires thousands of qualified, dedicated, hard-working employees, many of them from Australia. Actually it is predicted that there with continue to be an increase in the number of cruise ships operating over the next few years, which will naturally increase the number of jobs available. This, together with the usual high turnover rate of on board employees means an on-going requirement for new personnel from Australia.

All positions on board Cruise Ships are subject to contract. Therefore before signing, you are strongly advised to consider all the plus and minus sides to the job before formally accepting.

It is hard work on board a cruise ship. As all positions are on shifts, with long hours, you will find it is not like being on vacation! In fact workers are not permitted to use the leisure/dining facilities etc which are only for use by paying passengers.

There are, however, many pluses to the job. Naturally you will travel around the world for free, earning a salary. Also, for the duration of your contact you will be entitled to free accommodations, medical care, accommodation and meals.

The experience/qualifications required for Australian candidates can differ greatly depending on which cruise line you work for. You can expect, though, that native English speakers from Australia are usually required for management positions, ships photographers, entertainers, receptionists, retail staff and chefs , entertainers, retail staff, photographers, receptionists etc.

Who do Cruise Ships hire?

Please see below some examples of the positions currently being advertised, to give you an idea of the work available.

Deck and Engine Jobs Personal Care Jobs Catering Jobs
Captains, Chief Officers, Deckhands, Maintenance Workers, Engineers, Officers... Waiters and Waitresses, Bartenders, Chefs, Bakers, Butchers... Beauticians, Cosmetologists, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, Fitness Instructors...
Service Jobs Accommodation Jobs Entertainment Jobs
Gift Shop Assistants, Pursers, Purser Assistants, Shop Managers, Photographers, Florists... Bedroom Stewards, Hotel Managers, Cleaners, Receptionist, Cabin Stewards... Cruise Directors, Hosts, Hostesses, Disc Jockeys, Musicians, Singers, Excursion Staff...
Office Jobs Land based Jobs Yacht Jobs
Administration, Data Input, Marketing, Desk Top Publishing, HR Managers... Jobs in holiday sales and cruise line HQ offices. Jobs for professionals with cruise ship experience.

To access the full job descriptions and apply for any of the vacancies, you just need to register for free on All Cruise Jobs.

For advice and information to prepare for the recruitment process, eg how to perfect your resume, click on Cruise Job Guide.

Cruise Ship Recruiters in Australia

We have the most comprehensive list of Australian based cruise ship recruiters. These can be contacted directly with a view to gaining employment. Please see our full list of Australian recruiters.

Professional Advice

At Cruise Job Help we have Cruise Career Consultants waiting to advise job seekers from Australia how to begin searching for suitable employment on board a cruise ship.

They will assess your qualifications and experience, together with your current resume, and give professional feedback in the form of a Comprehensive Assessment Report. This will detail the positions and cruise lines most suited to you.

Set sail on a sea of job opportunities with the Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs!