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Arctic Cruise Line - New Expedition Start Up Planned

New expedition cruise line is planned to be launched in 2021 in Greenland.

The aim is to start with two ships initially, but the fleet may grow to five ships in a matter of a couple of years. The company will offer premium level cruises in Greenland and the Arctic for 8 months in a year.

"We want to offer so many things and be different from the other operators up there, from heli-sking to fishing", said Gert Brask, the company CEO. 

"The cruise market is growing in Greenland and the Arctic, and passengers are coming from everywhere. I have so many things we will do differently; starting with taking the ship  to places no one else has been."

If you want to work on small expedition vessels sailing the cold waters of the northern hemisphere, watch out for Arctic Cruise Line's launch and development.