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Cruise Lines Code of Conduct and Ethics

Every cruise line has a code of conduct that they expect all crew, officers, and staff to adhere to. Any conduct that adversely affects the safety and security of the cruise ship or another crewmember is grounds for discipline, ranging from counselling to a warning to dismissal. Here are some of the rules, regulations and policies of the major cruise lines.

Conduct Regarding Cruise Ship Safety and Security

Safety and security is a huge priority on a cruise ship and anything or anyone that jeopardizes it could potentially lose their job. Crew members are required to attend drills and safety training as well as observe other safety/security policies set out by the cruise line. Cruise lines have a zero tolerance for drugs and drunkenness making those breaches of conduct a sure way to get fired.

Safety also includes cruise ship health. Crew members must adhere to United States Public Health (USPH) standards. At the very minimum this means following proper hand washing guidelines. Food handlers, housekeeping, and youth staff have a whole list of additional USPH standards that they must adhere to as well.

Cruise Lines Code of Conduct and Ethics

Conduct Between Crew Members

With so many nationalities working on a cruise ship, crew members have the opportunity to enjoy a multicultural experience. Crew members must also learn how to get along with other nationalities and respect each other. Cruise lines do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or violence of any kind.

Conduct Towards the Ship and Passengers

Cruise lines will not tolerate a disregard for the ship's property, either. Grounds for discipline are in order for crew that steal, are in possession of stolen property, vandalism or reckless regard for the ship. Crew are expected to respect cabin rules such as maintaining a clean, orderly cabin, not using candles, and only smoking in designated areas.

Understand that the guest comes first because they are the reason you have a job. For most crew members this is common sense. Be courteous towards passengers at all times. Even if you have deck privileges, don't use passenger areas such as restaurants and the gym during peak periods.

Highest Personal Standards and Strong Work Ethic

Not only must crew members be courtesy to passengers and their fellow crew members, they must exhibit high standards in job knowledge and job performance, personal grooming, punctuality, and communication skills.