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Crew Cabins

Your cabin will be your home for the next 4, 6, 8 or more months, depending on how long your contract will be.

Crew CabinDepending on your position you will have a single cabin or you will share cabin with 1 or up to 3 co-workers of the same sex than you.

If this is your first contract it is almost certain, that you will share a cabin, since single cabins come with higher positions.

The space in your new living space is very limited. Often Bunk beds, a small tiny bathroom, a little locker, a few drawers and not much space to store your luggage.

However, this also is a good thing: When it comes to keeping your cabin clean.

Crew Cabins

Crew Cabin Inspections

Once a week, a crew cabin inspection will be done by middle and senior management onboard. Each cruise company organizes this a little differently.

Crew Cabin - bathroom

Crew Cabin inspections are announced and serve two purposes. The one is to keep the living quarters tidy and clean, the other one is to check that there are no items which require repairs.

How the cleaning is organized among you, the occupants, is basically up to you. If one cleans the bathroom, the other the living space, if one cleans the entire cabin – taking turns, or if you alone or together decide to pay another crew member to clean your cabin.

It is expected, that the garbage has been removed from your cabin, that no food is found in the cabin (code of conduct), that the beds are made, that the bathroom is cleaned.

And yes at inspection time the toilet is checked, the drain in the shower, the floor, the mirror. Checks also include, if your life jackets are at the designated spot and not obstructed by other items.

Things like an unclean cabin, perishable food in the cabin, glass-and tableware in your cabin, transformers, tampering with safety items or taking your garbage to the next "public garbage bin" instead to the garbage room can get you into quite some trouble including a warning or even dismissal for tampering with safety items.

If items in your cabin are broken or don't work any longer, follow the ships reporting system as soon as you discover a problem.

Your cabin will be your home for many months and up-keeping therefore is in your own interest.