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Getting a Cruise Ship Job with No Experience

Cruise line job descriptions can be discouraging for applicants that feel they aren't qualified enough for their dream cruise ship job. But, rather than concentrating on the experience you don't have, focus on your transferable skills and learn how to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Sometimes it can be a catch-22, employers require someone with experience, but you can't get experience without getting a job that gives you that experience. Keep in mind that we all have transferable skills. You've acquired them in past jobs, college courses, travelling, volunteer work, and your other activities. It's up to you to draw connections between what you've done in the past and the cruise ship job you are applying for.

Hard and Soft Skills

You need to be able to articulate your skills and experiences and relate them to the cruise job that you want. These transferable skills can be classified as hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are tangible, demonstrating a specific knowledge such as fluency in a second language, proven sales ability, or customer service experience. Alternatively, soft skills are intangible traits such as active listening skills, conflict resolution experience, and energetic personality.

Cruise employers are not necessarily looking for the most skilled and experienced candidates, but rather for those that can sell themselves most effectively. The job requirements are written to include a combination of all the skills and experiences that would make up the perfect candidate. Recruiters know that is unrealistic that any applicant would meet all preferred requirements. It's up to you to connect the dots and present yourself as the best candidate.

Getting a Cruise Ship Job with No Experience

Where should I start?

Start with studying and understanding the job description and requirements of the position you are applying for. Next, customize your resume to the cruise line you're applying to as well as specifying your desired cruise ship job. When creating your resume and cover letter, you need to stay focused on the specifics of what the employer wants. Your goal is to market yourself in such a way that you will be invited for an interview.

To get a cruise ship job with no experience, applicants must examine their past accomplishments, skills and work history. Only then will they be able to confidently market themselves in a resume and cover letter that will convince an employer that they have what it takes to do the job.