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The Crypto Cruise Ship - First Cabins Open For Auction

The Pacific Dawn was recently sold by P&O Australia to her new owners, Ocean Builders, is now officially the crypto cruise ship, having been renamed the Satoshi.

The first 100 cabins are open for auction to aspiring residents, with the company accepting bids for the staterooms on its website. Eventually, plans call for auctioning off 777 cabins which will become apartments on the vessel.

The Crypto Cruise Ship - First Cabins Open For Auction

The ship will eventually be relocated off the coast of Panama where it will become a technology hub. It will accessible via a 30-minute ferry ride from Panama City. 

The company said the ship will be a business-focused environment where "you can relocate your existing business, set up a new global head office, or come and start a new business and be supported in an environment of like-minded entrepreneurs." 

Company documentation said move-ins will start in January.

Update - December 2020

Ocean Builders reported they were unable to secure required insurance for the vessel and therefore the whole project had to be cancelled. The ship will head to India to be scrapped.