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Dolphin Ship Management

We have received the following email from a jobseeker who got scammed by fraudsters when he was looking for a job on a cruise ship:

I would like to inform you about the following employment scam.

I found a recruitment agent from San Marino. I sent them an email with my application. The answer was the following:

"Dear Sir,
thank you very much indeed for your e-mail.
Unfortunately we don't manage-recurit staffs since 2007.
Our company is only dealing with ships repais & technical spare parts.
If you are interested you can send your request to:
Dr. Alonso Garcia De Noronha
Staff Entertainment Director of a leading Italian/Montecarlo/and other Ship's Owners Group:
their e-mail is:
They allways looking for staffs for their ships.
Good Luck.

I sent my application to the mentioned email address. A lady named Mrs. Laura Grimaldi answered me always in a very polite way. I had a phone interview twice with Dr. Pierre Camilleri Jr (Human Resources Hotel Dept), and I get a job for the MS Paloma II as Chief Purser. The hiring company names, what was on all the documents is Dolphin Ship Management.

In the meantime I received documents and information about the company, group ship owners and shareholders, the list of the ships, fleet information... etc. They sent me a contract as well what was stamped by the Bahamas Maritime Authority.

They did not ask me any fee, the only thing that I needed to make some other 3 certificates

  1. Security Mngt Training Cert/Antiterrorism/Antipiracy Cert.
  2. Environmental & Antipollution Sea Mngt. Cert.
  3. Drug & Alcohol Mngt Cert.

Of course I can make these certificates in the embarkation port prior the embarkation. The total costs are 995 euro, but of course everything will be reimbursed on board of the vessel.

I was flying on my own cost to Napoli, I was sleeping one night in LA RESIDENZA & L'ATTICO HOTEL, Piazza Garibaldi 80, Naples - this "hotel" was organized by the company where I met Capt. Ruud B. Jossathas on the next morning. This "agent" informed me that i need to go to Cannes, they are some last minute changes and the ship will take the first group of passengers from there and not from Ponza Island as scheduled...

They give me train tickets until Cannes. Before to leave to the train station we vent to the Napoli port where I received my certificates, the original contract, the ship itinerary, the Agent details in Cannes, a brochure about the ship, an "official" employment letter, an invoice that i paid 995 euro for the certificates.

When I arrived the next day afternoon in Cannes with the train, nobody was in the train station. I went to the harbour, i was talking with the Cannes Harbour Master, they informed me that the Paloma II is not in Cannes, will not arrive in Cannes and they could not found the ship in French waters... and of course nobody picked up any of the given phone numbers (no office, no port agent, nobody)

I made a report at the Nice Police station about this scam.

The address of the Dolphin Ship Management (D.S.M):
Titan Centre - C.P.O. 271 - RSM - 47897 Fiorentino - Republic of San Marino.

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