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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines targeted by scammers

We have received the following warning from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines:

Greenline Consults, Mr. Roland Botson and Mr. Mark Kyle

Over the last couple of weeks, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines (FOCL) has received several calls and emails with regards to Letters of Employment for positions onboard the vessel Black Watch issued by a Mr. Roland Botson on behalf of FOCL and a company called Greenline Consults.

The letter provides information on wages, position, duration of contract and date of joining - usually in Ghana.

FOCL does not employ Mr. Roland Botson in any capacity within the Company or as a consultant.

FOCL has no contract or agreement with Greenline Consults with regards to the manning of the vessel Black Watch.

FOCL would not recommend to transfer the requested visa fee, usually listed as GBP 150 by Greenline Consults, to Ghana or to send a scanned copy of passport.

Greenline Consults, Mr. Botson and Mr. Kyle have been reported to the local police authority and to the UK Border Agency.

Thank you.

FOCL - Marine Personnel Department

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