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I got a job on a cruise ship!

We received an email from Alejandro from Mexico.

Like most of the visitors to this website, Alejandro was looking for a job on a cruise ship on the Internet, when he found our Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs and the directory of recruitment agents.

Here is Alejandro's email message:

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your advice. Let me tell you some good news: thanks to you I have been hired for a Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise.

I found an agency address on your website, Pershotel International in Cancun, Mexico.

I took a trip from Mexico City to Cancun and everything was fine. They don't ask for any money. These people were very kind to me.

Now, I've already received the letter of employment, and the Seaman D and C1 Visa from the United States Embassy in Mexico City.

As I told you, everything was alright.

My gratitude to the Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs, I made my dreams become true with a help from you.

I have some friends in Germany and Bulgaria and I already told them about your website. Your advice and information really works!


Mexico City

We are very pleased Alejandro got his dream job. He did the right thing in the right way: conducted his research, prepared for the job hunt, applied for the position and finally he got the job with a major cruise line company.

Well done, Alejandro. Good luck!