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Tips for Dealing with Home Sickness

Have you ever found yourself far away from home feeling sad, lonely, scared, and just wanting to go home no matter what? If so, you might simply be homesick.

While traveling the world onboard a cruise ship can be exciting and rewarding, it can also be a frightening and discouraging time when you’re by yourself. Here are some tips that can help to relieve home sickness:

  • Understand it’s okay and normal to be feeling homesick
  • Know that once you get used to your new surroundings, things will be fine and the sense of home sickness will ease
  • Realize that while you may be out of your comfort zone, you need to concentrate  on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative
  • Try not to doubt your decision to accept a cruise line contract - concentrate on the positive like:
    • the fact you're travelling the world
    • making money while you're doing it
    • exploring and enjoying each new destination you visit
  • Mark the end date of your cruise contract on your calendar as it’s something to look forward to
  • Talk to those around you and don’t be afraid to express your feelings
  • Enjoy making new friends especially those from your home country as there’s instant camaraderie
  • To the best of your ability, make your space your own
    • Bring photos of your loved ones to display in your cabin
    • Also bring a few familiar objects from home that you find comforting
    • Keep family photos in your cell phone
  • Set up a free internet email or ‘webmail’ account such as Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail to keep in contact with your friends and family back home; you can exchange photos, music, or whatever makes you feel connected
  • Set up a free Skype account so you can talk to friends and family back home; establish a time to call home once a week so it’s something else to look forward to
  • Start a journal to record your exciting adventure
  • Look to find the positive in every day
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Be vigilant in trying new things

With a little planning ahead, your experience while working onboard a cruise ship will create memories and experiences you’ll cherish for a lifetime to come.