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How to Overcome Sea Sickness

One of the worst feelings you can experience while at sea is that horrible stomach nausea where you feel like the world is spinning around you and the temperature is rising fast. It becomes a moment of panic as it can hit almost as fast as it can go away. Welcome to the world of sea sickness and here’s hoping you’ll never have to go through it.

For many travelers or those interesting in seeking a cruise line job, the thought of possible sea sickness can be a real concern.  Fortunately, there are some effective treatments ranging from products and medications, to herbal solutions, or even by choosing the right location for your cabin onboard the ship.

How to Overcome Sea Sickness

What causes sea sickness?

It’s basically a sensory conflict between your eyes/brain and the fluid in your inner ear which controls your balance. The inner ear feels the movement of the ship in the water while your eyes are looking steadily at an object that’s not moving - these conflicting signals create an imbalance which is then displayed as sea sickness.

Medications to Overcome Sea Sickness

There are several over-the-counter (OTC) products available from your local pharmacy which are designed to relieve sea sickness. Some brand names you may be familiar with include Gravol, Bonine, or Dramamine containing active ingredients like dimenhydrinate or meclizine which can be very effective when treating sea sickness.

The alternative is to obtain a stronger medication from your doctor such as a scopolamine patch which is placed behind the ear; you’ll see a wide array of passengers wearing these during any cruise. While the majority of people wear the patch without any side effects, it is worth noting that one listed side effect of scopolamine is dizziness which is obviously counterproductive to being seasick.

Products Used to Overcome Sea Sickness

There is a wide selection of products available to lessen the affects of sea sickness. Bracelet type devices can be worn on the wrist to electronically stimulate the nerves or utilize pressure points; a balance & power necklace is said to help with the body’s inner conflict during sea sickness; or you could even try a downloading a sea sickness self hypnosis MP3 file.

Herbal Solutions to Overcome Sea Sickness

Homeopathic medicine offers a number of selections to help reduce the affects of sea sickness: natural oils to be applied behind the ear; aromatherapy inhalers; or granules that can be taken underneath the tongue. One of the most effective sea sickness remedies is ginger which can be taken in capsule form or as a candied ginger treat. It’s also suggested that combining peppermint along with ginger is an even more effective treatment.

General Tips on How to Overcome Sea Sickness

  • Don’t consume alcohol before traveling.
  • Don’t eat a heavy or greasy meal.
  • Avoid milk products and acidic foods including some fruit juices.
  • Try bland crackers, toast, or a banana.
  • Stay outdoors as compared to laying in a cabin.
  • Try focussing on the distant horizon.
  • Keep yourself busy and active to put your mind elsewhere.
  • Try sleeping on your back as this tends to minimize movement.