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How To Spend Your Free Time When Working On A Cruise Ship

If you work on a cruise ship, then you're more than likely used to working long hours and having erratic sleeping patterns. Because of this, your free time is precious, and you want to spend it wisely so that you don't feel like you're wasting your time off.

Although a seven day work week might not sound like music to your ears, working on a cruise ship certainly isn't all work and no play. You'll have split shifts, or you'll spend the day in port while working through the night, for example. You will get plenty of time off from work in between these times, so it's handy to know how best to optimize time management. Get the most out of working on cruise liners and enjoy time both with colleagues, and time to yourself.

How To Spend Your Free Time When Working On A Cruise Ship

Learn A New Language

Working with many people of different nationalities is the perfect environment to start developing your language skills. You can start to pick up words and phrases from others that you work with, and then think about purchasing a book on exploring the language further in port. When you have free time, try and wind down your brain and engage in simple activities like either playing cards or completing tasks on Duolingo. You can download this language app and play it each day to work on your language proficiency. Learning a new language requires focus, so in between learning, consider taking a rest and instead engaging in strategic games online through Unibet.


When you dock, you'll want to abandon your sea legs for a short time and enjoy strolling on land again. When you're off the ship, think about choosing a book to read from the markets or bookshops you find ashore. Finding a great book can keep you entertained for hours, so spend your free time sitting quietly reading and recharging your batteries.


Catch up on any lost hours of shut-eye and try to sleep in your free time. If you're finding that you're losing sleep at night, then you must make sure you're getting the rest you need in order to function and stay focused at work. If you shift finishes at a reasonable time in the evening, don't be afraid to explain to others that you're going to bed. Everyone who works on cruise ships will understand how tiring and demanding the job can be. Try and wind down once your shift has finished by having a hot bath and reading. It's also worth investing in an eye mask and ear plugs as your sleeping quarters might not be the quietest of places. Since you'll be sharing sleeping quarters, you'll want to ensure you stay awake as others come and go during the day and night.


You'll meet individuals from all over the world, and from different walks of life onboard the ship. Get to know those you work with and enjoy a good working relationship with your colleagues. This will enhance your experience of working onboard so when you have free time, endeavor to socialize as often as you can. Interact with the people in your dorm rooms and learn about their life while sharing stories from yours. This way, you'll be enriched with tales and quirky anecdotes for when you arrive home.