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Global Maritime Services

Hello & Warmest Welcome to GHR Malaysia - a place that assists you to achieve your dream job. Our head office, established in 2016, is situated in Melaka and has been providing a dedicated service to the hospitality and cruise industry.

GHR Malaysia aims to be the leading recruitment agency in the country. Therefore we work hard to be the industry leader in every aspect. We are recognised for our dedicated, exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

GHR Malaysia is committed to assure the potential growth of every candidate is achieved in the shortest period of time. Equality and integrity practice is always been our company's first priority.

SAY NO TO HIDDEN FEES! Yes! Say NO to hidden fees! We are a FEE-FREE recruitment agency. We will not charge you any fees or ask you to go for any unnecessary education in order to get a job.

If you have the experience that qualified you for the job, we will speak to you. If you are not qualified, we will not waste your time at all.

We are JLM (Jabatan Laut Malaysia) & MLC 2006 certified company. We are bound by rules & regulations set by the authority.

Do not get cheated by scammers who charge you thousand of dollars and deliver nothing but empty promises.

Contact Details:

Global Maritime Services

5-2, Jalan KL 15/3
Kota Laksamana

Tel: +60169979697

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