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Bridgemans Services Group

Bridgemans has provided floating accommodations to various industry projects including wind farms, the international film industry, LNG construction and mining projects. Workforce requirements often fluctuate throughout the life of the project, which makes floatels particularly well suited. Occupancy can be quickly scaled up or down, in a cost-effective manner as construction and development phases wind down or when long-term operations begin.

Bridgemans floatels can be transported, anchored and mobilized in a fraction of the time required to establish a land-based facility. By utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment, sewage treatment and power generation services, they can be operated for indefinite periods at low costs with minimal environmental impact.

Contact Details:

Bridgemans Services Group

2nd Floor, Unit 201 & 203
S&L Building
1500 Roxas Boulevard

Tel: 6043491857

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