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Religious Services On-board Cruise Ships

Whether you're looking to worship everyday, or just to celebrate certain holidays, cruise ships offer passengers a variety of on-board religious services. Of course these are also available for staff to attend when work allows.

However, the type and frequency of services vary greatly from ship to ship.

To avoid disappointment it is advisable to check directly with the Cruise Company what services will be available during your trip, and to enquire at the Guest Relations Desk when you board.

Religious Services On-board Cruise Ships

The Guest Relations Desk can also advise Places of Worship available whenever the Ship is in Port - this can also be a pleasurable way to explore new countries.

The location and times of on-board services will be published in the Ship's Daily Paper. As there is rarely a chapel on board it is important to check the location and time daily as this will often change.

Certain ships will provide a Catholic Priest and Protestant Minister to celebrate Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day, and to serve a daily mass with a non-denominational service on Sundays.

In the absence of a priest/minister it is usual for the ship's Captain to hold a Sunday non-denomination service for all those on board.

A Rabbi is often employed to celebrate Sabbath, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Chanukah.

There is always the option of choosing a religion based cruise ship when booking your holiday.