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San Marino Shipping

We have received the following email from jobseekers who got scammed by fraudsters when they were looking for jobs on cruise ships:

I am writing to report a scam by a fake shipping company - San Marino Shipping.

Basically I was offered a job dancing on a cruise ship along with three other UK dancers.

We were told to fly out to Naples where we where put up in a hotel. We where told we would be training for 2 days, safety etc, however when a representative from the shipping company came to meet us and take us to the training centre, we where informed that the ships intinery had changed we had to go to St Tropez that night to meet the ship and that our training would be completed on board!!

We were ordered to hand our money over [nearly 900 euros] and then given train tickets for St Tropez.

To cut a long story short, we travelled for over 24 hours, to arrive in St Tropez only to be told by the shipping agent that they had never heard of the ship or the company and that it was all fake. We then embarked on a 14 hour car journey to Calais, a 2 hour ferry trip to Dover, and a 6 hour car ride back up north!! Ending up being over 2500 GBP out of pocket!

Please see our full list of known cruise ship employment scam schemes.