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Expected Standards of Appearance for Cruise Ship Crew

Crew Members directly represent the Cruise Line, and therefore must convey a professional image through grooming, attire and personal hygiene at all times.

The following guide sets out expectations for each Crew Member:


  • The correct uniform must be worn, and kept clean, pressed and in a suitable condition.
  • Shoes must be clean, polished and in good repair. Laces properly tied.
  • Uniforms must not be worn off Duty.
  • Crew Members will be charged for replacing misplaced uniform.

Personal Hygiene

  • Good personal hygiene is vital when dealing with Passengers and fellow Crew.
  • Daily showering and continual use of deodorants as required.
  • Good oral hygiene, including use of breath fresheners as required.
  • Perfumes and aftershaves should be worn sparingly, never overbearing.

Finger Nails

  • Finger nails must be kept neatly cut and clean at all times.
  • Female Crew Members may wear natural coloured polish which compliments a professional image.
Expected Standards of Appearance for Cruise Ship Crew


  • Hair must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • Hair styles should be suitable for a professional image.
  • Extreme styles and colouring are not permitted.
  • Male Crew Members must not allow hair to grow longer than shirt collar.

Wigs and Hairpieces

  • Wigs, Hairpieces and Extensions are not permitted – unless permission has been granted to wear for medical reasons.

Facial Hair

  • Male Crew Members may have well groomed beards, moustaches and goatees.
  • Full beards are not permitted for Service Staff.


  • Jewellery may be worn but must be minimal and conservative.
  • One ring per finger is permitted.


  • Watches may be worn, but must be of a tasteful design.

Make Up

  • Female Crew Members are encouraged to wear conservative make-up, especially lipstick, to enhance a well-groomed professional image.


  • Female Crew Members are permitted to wear one discrete earring in each ear.
  • Male Crew Members are not permitted to wear earrings.
  • Other than earlobes, no other visible body part may display piercings.


  • Tattoos must not be visible on or off Duty.


  • Sunglasses may only be worn if necessary for safety – ie to protect from glare from water etc.