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Significance of Epaulettes worn by Cruise Ship Staff

Staff on board a cruise ship are identifiable by uniform and name tags. The stripes (epaulettes) worn on their shoulders denotes their rank on the ship.

To understand the significance of these Stripes, we have compiled the following guide:

Four stripes

Four stripes:

  • Captain
  • Chief Engineer
  • Hotel Manager
  • Staff Captain
  • Staff Chief Engineer

Three stripes

Three stripes:

  • A/C Engineer
  • Casino Manager
  • Chief Housekeeper
  • Doctor
  • First Purser
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Second Engineer

Two and a half stripes

Two and a half stripes:

  • Assistant Bar Manager
  • Assistant Chief Housekeeper
  • Assistant Food Manager
  • Guest Relations Officer
  • Nurse
  • Printer
  • Second Electrician
  • Second Electronic Engineer
  • Second Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Sous Chef
  • Third Engineer
Two stripes

Two stripes:

  • Second Deck Officer
  • Second Engineer Officer
  • Second Purser
One and a half stripe

One and a half stripe:

  • Third Purser
One stripe

One stripe:

  • Cadet
  • Fourth Deck Officer
  • Fourth Purser
  • Petty Officer


Colour between the stripes indicates the department:

White: Hotel
Purple: Technical and Engineering, Electrical
Red: Medical
Green: Communications
Bronze: Security
No colour:   Deck