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What is working on a cruise ship like?

What does working on a cruise ship mean to people who have spent many months working on one?

  • Days of the week become countries
  • Taking a bath is considered a luxury
  • You have to be a contortionist to shave your legs
  • When you talk about how to spend your "hours off" not "days off".
  • You have to turn on the tv to see the weather outside
  • When almost every night as soon as you close your eyes the alarm goes off
  • Where you can get drunk for $5
  • Hangovers can be blamed on seasickness
  • Hours back determine when parties are
  • You haven't had 10 minutes alone since you walked onboard
  • Arriving at a new country usually consists of finding the free wifi
  • Sleeping in?
  • You haven't known what day of the week it is for 6 months
  • Being screamed at by a passenger condones chugging a beer on a bathroom break
  • Being solely responsible for tens of thousands of dollars with no sweat
  • Happy hour can be every hour.
  • Working less than 10 hours is considered to be "an easy day".
  • You know there will always be white rice for breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Partying with your bosses
  • It's been 4 days since you've stepped outside
  • You've just spent a 13-hour day with the same people, so you go to dinner and happily spend the rest of the night with them
  • Packing a variety of costumes for a contract is smart
  • You can survive with 3 pairs of jeans for 6 months
  • Seeing the captain at the gym is like seeing a movie star at a grocery.
  • You smile even if you're having a bad day
  • When you're in the real world you stop yourself from saying hello to random people walking past you
  • Walking across the hallway and knocking replaces the need for a cellphone
  • If you get a job on land you'll feel naked without a name badge
  • You're so far from home but seem to be surrounded by your family