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How not to apply for a job

Your job application tells recruiters a lot about you. It is very important to be polite and professional when you apply for a cruise ship job.

It is shocking to see the poor quality of many Resume/CVs and covering letters from jobseekers.Here is one of many examples. We've changed the person's name:

Dear Web Site,

My Application is not speculative. It is real.
If You do not believe , this is your poblem.
Please just get me a good job.

And please I am not going to pay your consultants for a nice, according to You, CV.

Thank You for your understandable co-operation.


Your Sincerely: Piotr Novalenko

This email was followed by another one with a large attachment:

Dear Website,

I want to send You also my documents.

Just one advice from me.

I am sure that You are not even a seaman. Most of You do not know what is real seaman life. If You do not understand it , Please, do not write, do not judge, do not pretend or assess anything You do not comprehand.

I have a lot of experience almost everywhere. I am a Master by documents and do not accept any stupidities written about me.

These are my scanned documents in 2 rar files.

All the best to You.

Your Sincerely: Piotr Novalenko

Piotr looks like a difficult person with a conflicting personality. Even if he is a good Seaman, his chances of getting a job on a cruise ship are slim, unless he changes his attitude.

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