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Service and Hospitality Jobs on Cruise Ships

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Service and hospitality positions can be divided into the following sub-divisions: Food and Beverage, Hotel, Retail, Purser, and Information Technology.

Service and Hospitality Jobs on Cruise Ships

Food and Beverage Division

Most Food and Beverage staff get small basic salaries, but they have a chance of receiving tips from the passengers.

Hotel Division

Hotel division positions are very similar to the same positions in onshore hotels and resorts. Hotel staff take care of passengers' accommodation requirements.

Retail Division

The Retail division staff sell products and services to the passengers. This is one of the main sources of additional income for cruise lines, making these positions very important.

Purser Division

The Purser division is the ‘accounting’ department of the cruise ship. Purser staff manage passengers' tickets, currency exchange, etc.

Information Technology Division

IT staff are responsible for the operation of all information technology and telecommunication devices onboard the cruise ship.