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CSM Cruise Services GmbH

Passenger vessels depend on professional and friendly hospitalization services which COLUMBIA always aims to provide for our customers. With our crew management services for passenger vessels COLUMBIA provides a package that is built to provide long-term relationships with our customers and crew:

  • recruiting and selecting first class hotel crew for passenger vessels;
  • continuous arrangement of crew trainings as per our customer's and legal requirements;
  • supporting a professional personality and the career of each crewmember;
  • preparation and upkeep of necessary certificates in accordance with international rules and regulations and our customer's requirements;
  • striving for excellence by constantly supporting our customers and the crew;
  • offering our experience since 1985;
  • providing and keeping an open communication structure;
  • offering effective solutions for our customer's needs.

We are constantly looking for qualified hotel-crewmembers to ensure a joyful cruise for all people concerned. If you are looking for seagoing experience and enjoy working in an international team of motivated colleagues at high-standards, COLUMBIA offers you.

  • to support your career expectations and to emphasize your professional personality;
  • a cooperative and trustful employer-employee relationship;
  • experience with passenger vessels;
  • to assist you in obtaining all necessary certificates;
  • a safe and healthy working environment;
  • to coordinate your needs with the requirements of the vessel's operation;
  • to work with a young and diversified international team;
  • continuous trainings;
  • cooperation with land based high-class hotels.

Contact Details:

CSM Cruise Services GmbH

Grosse Elbstrasse 159
22767 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 361304290

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