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Jackmillan International

Jackmillan is one of the Leading Companies providing high-quality marine and hospitality Services in the Republic of Ghana. We Recruit from Ghana to Royal Caribbean Cruise lines in the United States of America through CSCS International Mauritius for all positions.

Our core business is to provide quality marine and hospitality service and other operations in Ghana and beyond. Jackmillan is emerging as a leading regional marine solutions provider capable of blending international standards with local knowledge. Jackmillan strives to provide quality and proficient services to clients, realizing the need to have professional services in the most effective manner. We have vast experience in the Marine industry with a team of Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Marine Surveyors, Logistics Managers, Operational Staff and Supply Chain Managers to take care of all the marine needs of our esteemed clients.

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Jackmillan International

ML275 Mallam

Tel: +233244649017

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