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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who gets hired by cruise lines?
A: Career-changers, occasionally students and retirees.
Q: What is the most common background experience of employees?
A: Hospitality industry: hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.
Q: Do the employees have to be able to speak English?
A: Yes, English is a must. Additional languages are a benefit.
Q: Do people with previous experience in the cruise industry have an advantage?
A: Yes, the cruise lines prefer them. They usually get better jobs.
Q: What kinds of jobs are available on cruise liners?
A: Read job descriptions of 91 selected positions on cruise ships.
Q: How much do the employees earn?
A: The tipping personnel earn from $1500 up to $4000 USD per month (that's including the tips). The non-tipping personnel earn from $350 to $500 per week. More information about wages.
Q: What should I do to find a job on a cruise ship?
A: Read about the recruitment process.
Q: Do non-US citizens need a visa?
A: Yes, they need to apply for C1 and D visa. More information about visas and work permits.
Q: For what length of time can I work on a cruise liner?
A: You will sign a contract for 6 months. You may prolong it to 10 months. Then a compulsory break of 6-8 weeks follows. You may be offered a new contract after the break.
Q: What should my CV/resume be like?
A: Read the guide for writing good resumes/CVs.
Q: How long is a working day on a cruise ship?
A: From 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Q: What is the accommodation on ships like?
A: Small cabins, shared by 2 or more employees. Some cabins have a TV set. Staff share bathrooms.
Q: What happens if I get ill when working on a cruise liner?
A: You get free medical help. Your employer will pay for your medical insurance.
Q: Who pays for the plane ticket from my home to the port?
A: You buy yourself a single ticket and pay a travel deposit of $300-$500 to the cruise line. The deposit will be returned to you when your contract expires.
Q: Where should I send my application for the job?
A: Most jobs can be applied for directly online, either via a trusted job board like All Cruise Jobs or via trusted recruitment agents. Read more about how recruitment agents can help.
Q: Will I get any training before I start work?
A: Yes, you will pass some courses of work safety, first aid, hygiene etc., prior to embarkation.
Q: Where can I find out about cruise companies?
A: See our list of cruise lines
Q: Where do cruise ships sail?
A: All over the world! North, Central & South America, South Africa, Egypt, Mediterranean Sea, North Europe, Pacific.
Q: Where can I find jobs on cruise ships?
A: The leading website which advertises all of the latest cruise ship jobs is All Cruise Jobs.
Q: Where can I find jobs on yachts or superyachts?
A: is a good source of jobs on yachts.