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New Cruise Ships for 2020

A record 25 new cruise ships will be launched in 2020, ranging from expedition and luxury vessels to large contemporary megaships.

American Jazz (American Cruise Line) - 195 guests:

American Jazz (American Cruise Line)

Apex (Celebrity Cruises) - 2,900 guests:

Apex (Celebrity Cruises)

Costa Firenze (Costa Cruises) - 4,232 guests:

Costa Firenze (Costa Cruises)

Enchanted Princess (Princess Cruises) - 3,660 guests:

Enchanted Princess (Princess Cruises)

Endeavor (Crystral Cruises) - 200 guests:

Endeavor (Crystral Cruises)

Evrima (Ritz-Carlton) - 298 guests:

Evrima (Ritz-Carlton)

Flying Clipper (Star Clippers) - 300 guests:

Flying Clipper (Star Clippers)

Fridtjof Nansen (Hurtigruten) - 530 guests:

Fridtjof Nansen (Hurtigruten)

Geographer (Coral Expeditions) - 120 guests:

Geographer (Coral Expeditions)

Iona (P&O Cruises) - 5,200 guests:

Iona (P&O Cruises)

Le Bellot (Ponant) - 180 guests:

Le Bellot (Ponant)

Le Jacques Cartier (Ponant) - 180 guests:

Le Jacques Cartier (Ponant)

Mardi Gras (Carnival Cruise Line) - 5,200 guests:

Mardi Gras (Carnival Cruise Line)

MSC Virtuosa (MSC Cruises) - 4,888 guests:

MSC Virtuosa (MSC Cruises)

National Geographic Endurance (Lindblad) - 126 guests:

National Geographic Endurance (Lindblad)

Ocean Victory (SunStone) - 186 guests:

Ocean Victory (SunStone)

Odyssey of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International) - 4,200 guests:

Odyssey of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International)

Silver Moon (Silversea Cruises) - 596 guests:

Silver Origin (Silversea Cruises) - 100 guests:

Silver Origin (Silversea Cruises)

Scarlet Lady (Virgin Voyages) - 2,770 guests:

Scarlet Lady (Virgin Voyages)

Seven Seas Splendor (Regent Seven Seas Line) - 750 guests:

Seven Seas Splendor (Regent Seven Seas Line)

Spirit (Sea Cloud) - 136 guests:

Spirit (Sea Cloud)

Spirit of Adventure (Saga Cruises) - 1,000 guests:

Spirit of Adventure (Saga Cruises)

Ultramarine (Quark Expeditions) - 200 guests:

Ultramarine (Quark Expeditions)

World Voyager (Mystic Cruises) - 200 guests:

World Voyager (Mystic Cruises)